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Smart Remote By Sevenhugs Features

Sevenhugs Smart Remote Features

Sevenhugs Smart Remote Features

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Sevenhugs Smart Remote Features

Unlike regular Smart remotes, Sevenhugs smart remote has many other essential features. The moment we think about Smart remotes, features that come to our mind are operating Televisions, Lights, some other devices we use at home or office. But for this device, Sevenhugs has thinked out of box and developed a smart remote, with which you can even book an uber taxi and manage its arrival on your device and also get climatic conditions updates.

As the way Sevenhugs device gets adopted to the devices, to which it is pointed, similarly you can point the locations at your home, like your door for Uber taxi and your homes window for weather updates. This smart remote adopts these locations in the same way it adopts other home devices. Serves you with accurate weather reports and Taxi’s arrival time. With these extra essential featues, this device receives an immense positive feedback from all the users, who experienced these amazing additional features in Sevenhugs Smart Remote.

This devices has connectivity options like Wifi, Bluetooth, Infrared and Usb (type c).

Providing users an ease to get connected and operate devices from any of the above mentioned connectvity tools. You will also be delighted to know about one more sophesticated feature of this device, which is the Lost and Found Button. This button is provided on the charging base, that enables you to find your device anywhere in your home, when it is left under couches, or misplaced by children. So when you are unable to find where your device is placed in your home, you can simply press this button and your device rings, which helps you find your device easily. The device is so interactive and you can actually see the quick response from any of your home appliances (switching on and off), when this remote is pointed at them.

This device is compatible with 25000 devices, list includes some top world class brands like Samsung, Harman, Bose, Yamaha, Apple TV and many more. Sevenhugs team assures this device buyers that they are going to experience unimaginable possibilities with this smart remote, and also made it clear that they welcome every single feedback from the users, to redefine this extraordinary device and add some more USP.

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